An explanation for Mac corporate sales rise

Apple announced with pride that they outsold the PC market for enterprise their sales rose 66% while the market rose only 4.5%. And while they were very discreet on real figures, and disclosed only percentages, the Apple fanboys and girls are already thinking that (and I quote)

****The more people exposed to Apple products and Macs in particular, the more this will snowball. The genie’s out of the bottle and he’s wearing a halo!

Before the whole Apple fanboys exult, let’s do a recap how and why Mac sales rose:

  1. Apple is almost exclusively used by the managerial staff – the pink shirts, to be more exact. iPhone + Mac is their signature, but the staffings don’t rise as much – probably they rose just like the whole market. Maybe slightly better.
  2. Apple is used in the development of iPhone/iPad apps. It’s a true lock-in from Apple: you want to develop for iStuff? Well, then you have to buy my 3000$ desktop and give an extra 5$ (haha) for the Xcode. 😀
  3. When you rise 66% from 3 computers, it means you sell 5 computers. When the PC rises 4.5 from, let’s say, a million computers a year, that’s 45 000 computers, and my mind is too foggy right now to make a comparison.

My two humble conclusions:

First: lock in of development doesn’t make for happy free users of Macs. I personally don’t know any happy iPhone developer – oh, except for one.

Second: If I was Apple, I would brag when I would outsell PCs. 🙂 Because I for one am looking forward to living until that day (which will be never, and that would make me immortal).

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