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Everybody laughs these days about the unveiling of iOS 7. And we laugh, we laugh and we laugh. But when the laughter is gone, and finally iOS users can enjoy some of the features that Android had for at least two years now. 

(via Vali Petcu)

But that’s not where the interesting things are. These are just things identified by people hating Apple, right? Let’s see what Apple has to say about these things.

Since you might get sleepy from that soft music and that pen on paper sound, and you might not get what is going on, let me translate it for you:

“If everyone is busy making everything how can anyone perfect anything? We start to confuse convenience with joy, abundance with choice. Designing something requires focus. The first thing we ask is what do we want people to feel? Delight, surprise, love, connection. Then we begin to craft around our intention. It takes time. There are thousands of no’s for every yes. We simplify, we perfect, we start over until everything we touch enhances each life, it touches. Only then we sign our work”

Text from the Apple indoctrination video

A translation: “If everyone is busy improving their products, how can people be satisfied with the mediocre job we do? You people want more from us; we tricked you into thinking we were original, but in fact we just want to limit your choices and your joy. You want those? You’re not allowed, and here’s why. To be able to take both your money and your freedom to use your devices we have to focus very hard. We have to avoid blinking, because you might see through us. So we seem like we focus.

So instead of giving people what they need, we sell them an experience. Of course we want you to be delighted, surprised, loved, as we cultivate the only sort of enslavement that is really legal these days. Love us! Love us! Love… ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD…

And by the way, we copy Android and Metro as hard as possible, because we tried things a thousand times but it’s simply boring and it just doesn’t work. So we go for the things that are tried on the others, that are not slaving for us”.

Apple’s innovation this time is both dull and boring. I have seen the new iOS and is as dull as it ever was, only this time it has a flat icon theme. And that’s that.

So now it’s pretty much the time to quit the ‘ah, everyone is copying us’ train, but in fact they don’t. They still are the patent holders for rectangle shaped objects, and they still say they invented that.

However, I will do the one thing that they don’t deserve. I will explain to you why originality in software is really something that doesn’t exist.

Anyone in the software industry can attest to this: it’s impossible to be original in software. I’m not saying it’s very hard, I’m saying just that: it’s impossible. Why? Well, it’s simple: software development is an iterative process. Sure, there can be ideas that look neat, new, smashing, but in fact they are not, because they always respond to a certain need.

So what can software do? Software can be novel. Sure, it can do things in a different way, it can help you fight bigger monsters or implement an idea in a new way. But due to the iterative process of software development, these ideas actually build up on top of previously existing software, on top on methods used before. Software can improve things. Software can do things faster, simpler.

But 100% original? If you want that, take someone who didn’t study Computer Science, put them in front of the computer, and let them unleash their creativity without an internet connection! WOOT!

So no, I don’t believe in originality in software. This is why every time Apple makes such a claim we have to scream back: BS! And when they pretend they invented something, let’s show them this chart:

Link via @zoso

Why is this important? It’s important because of this humiliation contest between the users of iWhatever and every other device on the planet. It should say ‘I am not impressed by your cheap looking gadget!’ (because, I’m sorry, but iPhones really look like cheap stuff made on a steamboat by underpaid workers).

PS: Originality is always overrated. The same goes for other things too: writing, music, movies, their originality is limited by the fact that there’s very little that can be done and be truly original. From time to time you have a twist here and there. But that’s that. Sure, styles differ, evolve. But ‘evolutionary’ is not as ‘revolutionary’ as the marketing teams like.

12 Replies to “Apple’s innovation”

  1. Dorin Lazăr

    Eu de fiecare dată cînd iau un iPhone în mînă mă aștept să zdrăngăne. Butoanele de volum seamănă cu telecomanda de la televizorul Fujisan pe care l-am avut acum 15 ani.

  2. Andreea

    I don’t wanna be mean, da’ esti sigur ca-i iPhone si nu clona? 🙂
    Eu am 3GS-ul pe care-l scap saptamanal pe jos, de vreo 2-3 ori in antementionata saptamana, si are niste zgarieturi si-atat. Nu zdrangane, nu face figuri, eu stiu cu ce iPhoane te delectezi tu? 😛

  3. Andreea

    Mkay… 🙂
    Mi se pare ca exagerezi cand spui asta, dar in fine. Daca asa dormi tu bine noaptea. :))
    Si nu o spun pentru ca am iPhone, dar telefoanele lor sunt chiar bine facute, clean cut & stuff, fara brizbrizuri inutile. Singurul care-mi place mai mult decat iPhone e Lumia 920, chit ca-i din plastic.

  4. __Vali

    Well said, I agree with all of it except “iPhones really look like cheap stuff”.
    IMNSHO, iPhone is a wonderful piece of hardware, well designed and well manufactured.
    But that didn’t stop me to become a fresh owner of a S4 😉

    The irony is that the ‘revolutionary’ things happens only once in a while and mostly of them aren’t even noticed right away but later.

  5. Dorin Lazăr

    Exactly. Of course, I don’t have to specify that this is my opinion, since it’s my blog, thus my opinion is implied.

    I compare the iPhone with the HTC One X, which I own. Once you keep both in your hand you probably will get a similar feeling; if not of ‘cheapness’, but at least you’d feel the difference in quality of build between the two. But, again, this is purely subjective.

  6. Alex

    Si eu ce fac daca nu suport Android decat pe stock si Nexus 4 mi se pare putin outdated? 😀 Astept Google I/O din toamna, I guess.

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