Why not Britain?

This message is in English, because it’s far easier to reach the British people like this. Sure, it has the shortcomings of being American English, but I’m pretty sure they’re able to understand it. This is just a public denunciation of what I admired for too long, and which disappointed me too much.

There is this whole hysteria around Romanians and Bulgarians ready to invade Great Britain. And, to be completely honest, I’m sick of it, and I started despising the British for it. For a long time, London felt to me like ‘The Universal City’ – beating New York to the crown of the city of all cities. I grew up with an idealized view of the British Empire, and I always admired its civilizing force.

As a Romanian I lead a good life. I don’t really like to brag about it, and I do it only for you to know that I’m not here to beg for your welfare. I don’t live from paycheck to paycheck, and I can enjoy the finer things Romania has to offer, however little or much that might mean. I contribute to the society I live in more than I take from it – I’m basically one of the workhorses of the Romanian economy; I bring in more than I take out. And I would be pretty much the same in any economy of the developed world, be it Britain or any other Western country. I didn’t need the 2014 border opening to move in. Emigration would not be a necessity for me, it would be a choice, and I would have an above average status wherever I would chose to settle.

Alas, that place won’t be Britain for certain. The recent hypocritical hysteria surrounding us, Romanians, made me despise the idea of ever emigrating to Great Britain. While I wouldn’t have been protesting in London about the availability of alcohol, and I would’ve adopted the British values and way of life the second I stepped out of that plane (since, coincidentally, common sense is among my values), I could never take on the stupidity and the hysterical xenophobia regarding my people and my neighbors, the Bulgarians.

So yes, Britain, this is my protest. I will despise you in silence. I will boycott your products in silence as well; there’s no need to make a fuss about you being stupid. You insulted me and you never knew me, and I don’t take insults that easily. You pointed your finger towards me, and I always admired you. You shamed me publicly and I thought you were the civilized ones; I’m deeply sorry to see you turn your back on me in such a generic way.

And I know it’s not your citizens that actually hate me. It’s your newspapers, and your politicians. Britain, fire them, and we’ll be fine again. They practice xenophobia, a thing that you, individually, as a citizen, are taught it is a bad thing. I’m white, therefore your politicians and your newspapers don’t recognize the xenophobia that applies to me. I guess it would’ve been easier if I called it racism, because that would trigger tons of demagogy in both newspapers and politicians. But it’s plain stupidity, and that is permitted by law.

So, Britain, until you apologize for the hysteria, you’re off my list of civilized countries. Your forebearers were wiser, and they built a country (an empire, even) that I admired. But you’re not that anymore. You’re just some spoiled brats, cashing in the efforts of your grandparents. You’re not the great country you once were, you’re not the civilizing force you once were. You’re the has-beens.