Daily C++11: Constexpr – generalized const expressions and updated PODs definition

A new feature of C++11 is to mark certain functions as constant expressions. For example, if one writes some functions like:

[code language=”cpp”]constexpr double getPI() {return 3.1415;}
constexpr double getE() {return 2.7182;}

const double PIPlusE = getPI() + getE();[/code]

Personally, I don’t find any use for this feature. Maybe someone could enlighten me?

Anyway, the second feature is that the definition of POD was updated. POD = plain old data, which means that the data can be manipulated by simply copying the data, with a basic memcpy. The definition was updated to, basically, stating that POD is any class or structure that:

  • has no virtual functions (including destructors)
  • has a POD as a base class (if derived)
  • has all the nonstatic data in one class and with the same access level (public, protected or private).

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