DefCamp in Bucharest

One of the most important hacking and Infosec events in Romania will happen on the 30th of November for three days, in Bucharest. DefCamp will be a conference organized in the best conditions on topics regarding computer systems security.

There you will have the occasion to assist to various contests and presentations from people with a lot of experience in this field. Among them, the local hacker Dragoș Gaftoneanu will hold a presentation on the SMART project, a project for using artificial intelligence in the construction of robots (not the metal kind, but the software kind 🙂 ).

It’s a conference I might attend as well. If so, see you there! 🙂

2 Replies to “DefCamp in Bucharest”

  1. Diana

    No offence, but what’s the connection between Internet Security and AI?
    Then “Using AI in the construction of robots” doesn’t sound too computer savvy! More accurate would be: achieving AI through Building Robots(or Robotics). What about Software Paradigms or Software Arhitectures or Software Routines for Mobile Robots? 🙂
    I’m not playing smart ass, but it’s important to understand and express the same time the right “path”, ’cause IMHO Artificial Intelligence is the future of the human race!
    I was trying to find that SMART project you were talking about! My searches didn’t return any valid result. Any hints? 🙂

  2. Dorin Lazăr

    As I said, it is not about the metal robots, or about automation, but about the robots like, you know, software robots. For example like Google’s Internet scanning robots or like pretty much any bot-net used to spam anyone.

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