DefCamp in Bucharest

One of the most important hacking and Infosec events in Romania will happen on the 30th of November for three days, in Bucharest. DefCamp will be a conference organized in the best conditions on topics regarding computer systems security.

There you will have the occasion to assist to various contests and presentations from people with a lot of experience in this field. Among them, the local hacker Dragoș Gaftoneanu will hold a presentation on the SMART project, a project for using artificial intelligence in the construction of robots (not the metal kind, but the software kind 🙂 ).

It’s a conference I might attend as well. If so, see you there! 🙂


DefCamp in Bucharest — 2 Comments

  1. No offence, but what’s the connection between Internet Security and AI?
    Then “Using AI in the construction of robots” doesn’t sound too computer savvy! More accurate would be: achieving AI through Building Robots(or Robotics). What about Software Paradigms or Software Arhitectures or Software Routines for Mobile Robots? 🙂
    I’m not playing smart ass, but it’s important to understand and express the same time the right “path”, ’cause IMHO Artificial Intelligence is the future of the human race!
    I was trying to find that SMART project you were talking about! My searches didn’t return any valid result. Any hints? 🙂

    • As I said, it is not about the metal robots, or about automation, but about the robots like, you know, software robots. For example like Google’s Internet scanning robots or like pretty much any bot-net used to spam anyone.