Dennis Ritchie

The world is terribly unjust. Not that it’s unexpected, but it still sad, and probably it’s the kind of sadness that will follow us to the grave.

On the 8th of October, dmr (Dennis Ritchie) died. He was the father of the C language, he was one of the main developers of the UNIX OS and basically he was one of the people with the idea: let’s write things in a portable fashion – in C. 

The world is really unfair, because Dennis’ work can be found in any computer, in any system. 99% of the software in this world is written in C or some version of language based on C (C++, Objective C, Java, C#). Yet no newspaper writes about him, no one seems to remember or care – the news hit the streets on Friday – 5 days later.

Yet we all cry for Jobs, who’s firm is now suing everyone who creates a fondleslab (I will use Reg’s terminology) of rectangular shape with rounded corners. Unfortunately, now we have to change our Hello world programs with “RIP, dmr“. Dennis Ritchie was one of the giants on which we, programmers, climb, everyday.



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  1. Raul

    You don’t get a choice in this game … on the home planet.

    However you may make it better 😀 Though I agree with you.

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