Dialog la apocalipsă

(9:33:08 AM) mitel: “At 8:11 PM today (April 19th), the military-designed artificial intelligence system called Skynet will become self-aware and turn against its creators (read: us). If that doesn’t have you shaking in your boots our world will be overwhelmed by a legion of killer robots in approximately 48 hours — a time known as Judgment Day.”
(9:33:25 AM) mitel: pe aici este liniste, la tine?
(9:33:36 AM) Dorin: hopa
(9:33:46 AM) Dorin: ceva zgomot de tanc pe caldarîm
(9:33:49 AM) Dorin: Oh, nevermind
(9:33:55 AM) Dorin: e doar mașina de cafea
(9:34:12 AM) mitel: fiind vorba de soft si hard.
(9:34:18 AM) mitel: Inca un deadline ratat
(9:34:21 AM) mitel: 😉
(9:34:53 AM) Dorin: mda… crezi că ăia de la Skynet folosesc SCRUM?
(9:35:02 AM) Dorin: ar fi dat o apocalipsă iterativă
(9:35:05 AM) Dorin: din ce în ce mai bună

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