The story of the Pacman Doodle

Raul just forwarded me this link, and for 75 minutes I was glued to the screen. In a fascinating presentation, two engineers from Google explain how the Pacman Doodle was created. For me it was fascinating for many reasons. I admire the presentation – I was really impressed by the way they prepared their presentation, how they ‘executed’ it, and how well it worked – even the glitches in the presentation seemed well integrated I admire how those guys were able to do that with the tools at hand.

(k)ubuntu StarCraft

I haven’t played the game in quite a long while, and I said I should give it a shot, now that there’s the new year and some time to waste. The only way to do it cleanly on Linux is, of course, to use WINE, the other option being a virtual instance of Windows (which is not as fun as people might think. So I mounted the Starcraft CDs (Broodwar as well) installed them and played them.