The strange case of Facebook censoring people protesting a corrupt government

The strangest thing happened yesterday, during the biggest mass protests against the corrupt government in Romania. One of the most well known online personalities, a prolific local vlogger, Marian Ionescu, has seen his Facebook account reported for spamming, and was unable to post on his profile, to tell his friends about his participation to the protests. See the story on his site (Romanian) He was not alone – in fact, hundreds others have seen their accounts marked as spamming, although all they did was post about their participation in the protests.

An explanation for Mac corporate sales rise

Apple announced with pride that they outsold the PC market for enterprise – their sales rose 66% while the market rose only 4.5%. And while they were very discreet on real figures, and disclosed only percentages, the Apple fanboys and girls are already thinking that (and I quote) ****The more people exposed to Apple products and Macs in particular, the more this will snowball. The genie’s out of the bottle and he’s wearing a halo!

Bashing Romania

This post is in english as it is aimed at english-talking people, of Romanian origin or not. This was published in October 11th 2007, and some things might not be „up to date”. The last straw for me was this piece of pseudo-news about the american troops stationed in Romania. I don’t usually read such sites, but I received the link from someone, and read it with some interest. It’s no news to me that Romania is one of the most corrupt countries in the world – but it is not the most corrupt, as even the „Stars and stripes” tend to see (their very owned Iraq looks as one of the most corrupt there.