Two features C++ urgently needs

Here’s the thing. I tried to get attached to other programming languages, but somehow, deep inside my heart, C++ continues to reign supreme. It’s absolutely lovely, it has raw power, and you can optimize everything to hell and back. No, it’s not C; C is too low level and sometimes can harm your performance by not being able to do copy-paste the way templates do. Plus the things you need to do with macros…

Python: my first 2 days

Let’s start with what I really don’t like: Invisible syntax sucks. Big time. When your application complains about some spaces in your indentation, you know that you’ve done something wrong. So you load the source back in the editor, but you don’t get it. It looks perfect. But it’s not. This is because tabs are different from spaces, and spaces and tabs are a very very very different thing. So Python says.