Erasing a rewritable dvd

Well, it’s never easy to switch from an operating system to another. One reason in particular I’ll talk about right now.

I used to like the DVD writer embedded in Windows 7’s explorer. Two, three clicks, push ‘Burn’ then you wait (although you don’t actually understand very much of what happens there).

Switching to Linux means that my rewritable DVDs have to be written with something else, k3b for example, a nice application that mimics in a pretty KDE way the modus operandi of Ahead’s Nero. But to my amazement, writing was not possible with various errors involving the Restricted Overwrite mode.

The solution I found was to fully erase the DVD, not once but twice. The first time, for a reason I couldn’t see, the blanking stopped at 76%. The command I used that eventually worked was:
dvd+rw-format -force=full -blank=full /dev/dvd. The previous tries failed, and although I should’ve note all my tries and failures I didn’t (actually, the idea to write this post came to me too late to act. cdrecord will not work for DVD erasing not because it shouldn’t work, but simply couldn’t handle whatever W7 did to those discs (probably by changing the mode). If you want to blank a disc with cdrecord, probably the way to work (after fixing the disc) would be: cdrecord blank=all -force -dvd /dev/dvd.

After the dvd+rw-format reaches 100% (it works for DVD -RW, not only for +RW) you can use the disc with your usual writing software (k3b for me). Obviously, this is true until you write it again with some Windows software, which tends to make the discs unusable again.



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