Google Chrome and Feedly subscription

A year and a half ago, Google dropped support for their RSS reader, Google Reader. Feedly was the best competitor to pick up the baton (and I really like their product, and I supported it from the start).

For a long while I used to subscribe to new feeds from the Feedly user interface, however, there’s an easier way. You can install Google’s RSS subscription extension (developed by Google, so you’re quite safe with it) and you’ll have at the end of your URL/search bar a new RSS button:


When you press it it takes you to a ‘subscribe to feed’ page. Initially it is a feed preview page, but if you want (like me) to go directly to Feedly, you can edit your readers and set as default the right one 😀

SubscribeButton-2 SubscribeButton-3

In the page that opens you click Add, and it will allow you to create a new entry:


The text for the URL is “”, without the quotes. If you don’t have/want to use the HTTPS support, use the URL: “”. And, after you save it, make sure you make it the default and check “Always use my default reader when subscribing to feeds”. Note the URL, it’s different from what the original article contained.

Alternatively you can use the Feedly application in Chrome. But if you want a simpler way that will not invade all your pages, this is the way to go.

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