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GoogleIO2013 There will be a lot of news regarding Google’s new stuff announced at Google I/O. But somehow, I’m not impressed. I watched about half of the keynote this yesterday in the evening before falling asleep (once you get a regular time to go to sleep you hardly can break out of that routine). I also watched the beginning this morning, and I can sum up what I saw so far:

Google Cloud and we should be impressed. (why?) I shall test it soon enough to see some of that, although it’s mostly Java and Java tends to feel like an antiquated language even when compared to C++. However, they do have some interesting other backends: they offer PHP, Python 2.7 (why oh why? Python is already a schizoid language, with two barely compatible branches, and Google chose to support the OLDER version??? :-o) and Google Go backend, which is very useful for googlers developing the Google Go programming language because they are the only ones using it anyway.

Updates to APIs. Added new location APIs which are consuming less power??? Now Google was the last place I would’ve expected to have this confusion. APIs don’t consume power. They can even be printed, and they would consume zero power. Please, someone respectfully inform the Google chiefs that we know what APIs are, and they are not what they think they are. Libraries, instead, are implementations of those APIs that actually run on real hardware. They consume power, they use the hardware. And believe me, not the APIs were the problem, but the fact that Android is a darned power hog and a bloated operating system. It looks like it’s a curse for operating systems to become bloated power hogs as soon as they become the most used OS in the universe. Android is the only OS that you move on quad core mobile devices to finally see slight snappiness. Anyway, I diverge.

Google Music All Access. The most amazing bla bla, which, from Romania, reminds me why I should move as soon as possible: Google Play Romania

Funny things about Google+ Sign In. Everything is funny about Google+, since, as a WordPress user, I am unable to post automatically my articles on Google+. So please, Google, easy with the comedy show.

Chrome OS and similar things. Talking about improving with 57% rendering of JavaScript, which is amazing for such a broken technology.

Google’s Search improved. Finally they used the data we know they are gathering on us, and finally Google uses it for something good, long expected, long needed. CONTEXT. Not only that, but a lady with the voice of an Android talked to the voice engine that seems to actually work. Although I can hardly convince Android that I know English, and I actually use it when doing searches by voice.

Google Maps. They show the clouds in real time. That is fun stuff.

The audience was apathetic, applauding like we used to applaud Ceaușescu on his occasional run through the city. I wasn’t impressed, overall. But I guess that’s ok. I wasn’t impressed by Jobs when he announced iPhones, iPads and iWhatevers, so I am not easily impressed.

The most important things:

  1. Mobile. Everything mobile.
  2. They jumped on the Cloud business bandwagon. Just as the business goes away, as people see more the usefulness of retaining their own data instead of being hostages to Amazon, Microsoft, and now Google.
  3. Larry Page started a quite public beef with Microsoft. I am sure this didn’t go unnoticed. This will be popcorn-worthy.
  4. They own the #1 browser and the #1 operating system. They both start to suck, and they are both bulky and bloated. But they are #1, it seems like it’s a pre-condition. Chrome went the direction of IE, with business oriented Google specific extensions. But Chrome is by far the best browser out there, with Firefox managing to suck even more (have you seen Mozilla’s code base? That’s some ugly stuff). And Android… well, Android is Google.
  5. They insist on pushing Google+. It won’t work. To make it work, it has to be less Google-centric. But then again, I don’t do well with strategy & stuff, so I might very well be wrong.

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  1. Roxana

    I love the way how on my screen, this is a line and therefore looks like a single sentence: “They insist on pushing Google+. It won’t work. To make it work, it has to be less Google-”

    Tech is cool. It decided to do stealthy bad puns on it own.

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