Interviu cu Ray Bradbury

O recomandare care a ajuns la mine via Teo: o conversaţie cu Ray Bradbury despre scris şi nu numai. Îmi place încă de la început – observă ceea ce observam şi eu, individual, înainte să văd interviul ăsta:

We’re being fragmented: all the commercials you watch have 30 clips of film for a 30 seconds commercial, and 60 clips of film for a 60 seconds commercial. So your mind is all over the place, there’s no thought, the metaphors are scattered. You have the feeling that you’re thinking, but you’re not thinking.

Ray Bradbury

O conversaţie despre scris, dar nu numai.

PS: Alt citat care îmi place:

People ask me why do I like space travel? […] we are destined to go out there again, to go out on the moon, to go to Mars, to Alpha Centauri, to make life immortal for a few more thousands or perhaps a million years. Life is worth it, with all the bad things; I know all the bad things. I know all the the wars, the Holocaust, […]the bad spirits, but then I know the good things too. I know William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, I know Robert Frost, I know Rudyard Kipling, I know Dickens, I know Shaw….



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