John Carmack @ QuakeCon 2013

quakeconI just found the keynote of John Carmack at QuakeCon 2013, and hopefully it will stay up on youtube until we can all watch it. I think it’s useless to say who is John Carmack: the man from everyone’s list of top 3 programmers. He is in the top spot on my list.

The presentation from Quake Con is huge: 2 hours and 45 minutes. It follows this list of topics (that you can find on the youtube posts as well):

  1. New console cycle, AMD hardware, Game controllers
  2. Kinnect, Digital distribution, Portable consoles, Andriod and iOS, Cloud gaming, Creative vision vs technology, Unified memory, PowerVR and tiled rendering
  3. Displays, head mounted display, movement tracking, sound, large scale software development, optimization, OpenGL
  4. OpenGL, functional programming, Haskell, Lisp, Scheme, strong and weak typing, multithreading, events, garbage collection, QuakeC vs Scheme
  5. Programming, Q&A: Space, AMD vs Nvidia vs Intel GPUs, CPU architectures, GPU computing, id Tech 5, id Software company
  6. Q&A: PC and upcoming console hardware, MegaTexture, virtual reality, augmented reality and Google Glass, voxel, ray tracing, AMDs virtual texturing, console cycle beyond Xbox One and PS4, SSD, strobe lighting in LCD technology, control devices advancement, when single person can do a AAA game like MW3?
  7. Q&A: id Tech5 and Tango Gameworks


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