K Code Parser (story 2)

So the first day passed, and it was kind of lazy. Actually, after hitting that SVN frustration I stopped doing that and started doing other things. Unrelated to the project. But this morning was a bit more productive, and I managed to implement the first part of Mr. Crenshaw’s tutorial. In Java. As I said, the code can be found on the mercurial repository from Google Code.

One nice touch. Eclipse is really cool when it wants to be (it proves to be really helpful when it wants, and writes tones of stuff that I don’t want to for me). Second: Java + Exceptions. I truly hate exceptions, but they seem to suit this type of implementation (that I’m trying to do). So I will roll with exception. It’s a nice way to abort something, and they can be helpful too.

One thing I hate about Java. Why the heck did they name the bool ‘boolean’. It’s toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn looooooooooooooong. And I always write bool. So eclipse, unhelpful in this case, doesn’t try to correct me by writing stuff for me. So long with the helpfulness of Eclipse 🙁

Now onwards to the second page of the tutorial.

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