Moving the technical blog back

Some months ago I decided I should move my technical blog to a different site. It was a bad decision. I don’t really want to maintain two separate blogs, so people that don’t really like my English posts can just as well ignore them. Or unsubscribe, whatever they like. They can also just subscribe to my personal posts, as listed in the right widget.

The thing is that I thought there would be two kind of audiences I need to address, which is false. It is false not because I do have two kind of audiences for the content I deliver, but because I don’t really address them. In fact, they search for my content, and I should make this content as available as possible. Hiding it in a subdomain is useless.

For a while, I’ll keep the en. subdomain alive, but I will shut it down soon. Articles published there… well, they will pretty much die there. They are not many, and no Earth-shattering piece of news was ever generated from that blog, so this should be fine.

There are reasons to believe that in the future we’ll have a lot more posts in English. Come what may, like the Frenchman used to say.