The next generation of cut-scenes

I admired a lot this video, found by Axonn and delivered in his friends’ daily digest. It’s an amazing feature of the Snowdrop Engine, an engine for the next-gen consoles (and yesterday’s computers). But let’s watch this first (in at least 720p):

Amazing indeed, isn’t it? I love the level of detail and the amazingly crafted scene. This is the reason why it takes more graphic artists and less programmers do write a game; The amount of detail is just amazing. And volumetric lighting is not something new, but it was expensive for consoles to use (even if games used it for quite some time). Unfortunately, nowadays big titles come for consoles first, although I find the console inputs quite bad when comparing to keyboard + mouse.

This preview of Snowdrop is interesting, but people forget one thing: these graphics engines are used in shooters.

I don’t know if you played a shooter recently where you said: „My goodness, this distorted car is beautiful! My, what a lovely shadow!”. Last time I played shooters I was trying hard to spot people in the background of generic grays with a bit of blue and green. Because all shooters are full of desaturated blue and green, and gloomy atmosphere.

It’s nice to see such level of detail at work. It’s nice to see bullets that modify the surfaces realistically. But will anyone notice, in other places than in the cut-scenes?