One reason to dislike Apple (fan boys)…

… is the fact that they can’t really get their facts straight, their interpretation show the sort of brainwashing that was possible only in the totalitarian regimes. Let’s see one eloquent example:

2013-01-05 23_20_53-ComScore_ iPhone up to 35 percent of US smartphone share in November, Android st


This is from this article from Engadget, that seem to share the opinion that 0.7% rise is ‘iPhone being up’ and 1.1% rise for Android is ‘Android getting steady’. Well, it’s not only obvious that if it will continue to keep steady it will soon have 110% of the US market, but it’s expected to fall, with only 0.9% rises per trimester.

It’s this sort of obsessive Apple is God attitude that we hate. It’s the apologetic attitude towards Apple that we hate. Ever wondered why a lot of Apple users are not complaining about the ‘Do not disturb’ bug? Well, because Apple does nothing wrong, it’s something that will be fixed soon. This sheepish attitude, these brainwashed views are not about technology excellence. They are about religious beliefs.

Oh, btw, did you know that Apple invented the notification bar only two years after Google did this in Android? Yes, yes, they did, and they are trying to patent this 😀

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Later edit: And here’s one reason from Cracked.

Why Apple Clearly Thinks You’re Stupid — powered by



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