Romania takes the fight against breast cancer to the next level

At the initiative of the ruling party coalition PSD + ALDE, Romanians took to the streets – not to protest against corruption or the parliament’s recent law regulations meant to help the corrupt leaders of the coalition, but instead for a way worthier cause. The fight against breast cancer.

Dressed in pink t-shirts, hundreds of thousands of Romanians gathered in front of the Victory Palace (host of the current cabinet) and, while waving Romanian and European Union flags, demanded in no uncertain terms ferm action in the face of the modern epidemic of breast cancer.

„The pink T-shirts were a strange choice”, Mr. Dragnea, one of the organizers, told us. „We initially wanted to go for white, as to show our free conscience in front of this invisible assailant, but in the end, pink is the superior choice”. Hundreds of thousands of Romanians gathered in pink and white T-shirts, in peaceful protest. A sign that the silent majority is no longer silent.

The white T-shirt is also a sign of support for the LGBT community. „Today”, continued Mr. Dragnea, „we wanted to show real support for the LGBT community, and our full commitment to its cause”. Definitely, Mr. Dragnea wants to see action from the current cabinet head, Mrs. Dăncilă. „We need to see commitment to the real strife of the Romanian population”, he said, ending the interview with a veiled threat. „If Mrs. Dăncilă is not up to the task, we demonstrated two times last year that we can dispose of prime minsters who don’t listen to the voice of the People” concluded Mr. Dragnea, organizer of the PSD Pride 2018 parade.

Victory Square, with the participants gathering for the PSD Pride 2018. Foto Oana Teodora




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