She++ – A call to arms for all the girls out there

I found this video via Facebook, if I remember correctly (I think Vali Țicău was the one that shared it), and I found it quite an interesting invitation for all the women out there to come and try computer science. It’s an interesting thought, and there are very good and pragmatic reasons to have women in IT (aside the fact that they might make up in numbers to fill a need we currently have, but probably not for long).

The presence of women in IT (Information Technology) or CS (Computer Science) is a controversial topic. Controversial because although women are usually better at succeeding academically they will avoid anything that has to do with engineering. There are some reasons why this phenomenon happens that are described in this She++ documentary, however, I think it’s not the complete story.

So please, if you know a gifted young girl that is lost in what she wants to do in her life, help her find an answer in computers. Although the image of IT is filled with unwashed guys, I can assure you we do shower quite often, and the IT is quite friendly for girls, yet nobody tells them that. There’s no reason to be afraid, so join us.

[vimeo ]

There is also a she++ site, which I advise you to check 🙂