Some interesting articles on gaming

Because I know I neglected the gaming section, let me get back here for a bit. I have a few articles on gaming that I read recently and I really liked:

Ian Bogost, co-founder of Persuasive Games, an independent game shop, writes about the rationale behind Cow Clicker, an ironic Facebook game. I truly hate Facebook games, and they seem to make more and more of them. I was thinking recently that people expect games to be free, like the Facebook games are, and therefore, there’s no investment in quality and optimization.

And speaking of quality and optimization, my good old friend (he’s young, don’t you believe me) Axonn Echystass, the man behind Gamaddiction, advanced a lot on his Alien Invasion game. The demo he made this winter was really good, but afterwards he had a long break, in which he played a lot of games and created these wonderful recordings in 1080p. He continues his work on Alien Invasion 0.6, until then you can still play his older games.

And speaking of playing older games, my game collection grows and the percentage of games I play from my game collection goes down dramatically. After I managed to secure some quite good deals on Steam this winter, as well as some good deals on GOG, I realized I played too few of the games I own. Well, it wasn’t simple – but an article with precisely this question made me think gravely about it. I do indeed play too little of the games I own, and I shall play more. But this year, unlike other years, will be indeed different, as I’ll have more time for that. I plan to have dedicated time for gaming, for developing on personal projects and for going out and doing stuff. And it should be fairly easy, given the current situation.

So for me, 2012 will be the year of gaming and personal development. My blog will grow, my gaming section will grow, my personal portfolio will grow. At least that’s the plan. And I expect no obstructions. And I know for sure that I’ll do more gaming in 2012. That’s because, as announced, 2012 will not only be the year of the dragon – will also be the year of Guild Wars 2 [Link no longer available]. A game I loved (and still do, but it’s very hard to play now, since I dislike grinding for illusive rewards) now gets the update it deserves, and I believe it will have me take some time off work to truly enjoy the experience 🙂 But I anticipate too much.

So exciting news ahead.

PS: I know that Facebook games are not free. In fact, they are anything but free. But you can play them without paying any money; I think it’s good that you can do that, it reduces the need for piracy, and hopefully less games will be pirated. Still, the bad thing is that people would expect 1) games to be free and 2) games to work in a browser. Both are ok, but I want my addictive intelligent triple A game or my ingenious indie game that looks like heaven and is optimized like hell.