Star Wars is just another movie

A lot of people talk about Star Wars these days, about the phenomenon of Star Wars, about the hysteria. Star Wars became a cult and I’m here to speak against it, since everyone who knows me would think that I’m a fan of those movies. Or, if not of Star Wars, then I’m a fan of Star Trek.

Heh. Overall, Star Wars is a mediocre series with only one likable character (Solo) and an amazing villain (Vader). I know very well how the fans seem to seek intention in everything they see on the screen, mostly because they had little else to watch all these years, but Star Wars is just that – mediocre and boring. Your mileage might vary. I know I’m insulting now 98% of the geekdom (I like the new Star Trek movies), but hear me out.

I was quite hype-full when I watched Star Wars the first time. Everyone told me about Star Wars but I never had the chance to watch it until late 1992, and by then Terminator 2 was the norm. Star Wars was boring when compared with Terminator 2, it had less rock music on its soundtrack and the characters sucked. Yes, sure, Han Solo was fighting with his ship, but so did Topie, Rana și Giraffe. On the other side, T1000 melted and shifted shapes! Star Wars WAS boring! It lacked energy. Star Wars is the kind of movie you put your children to sleep in the middle of the day. The talent of Mr. Lucas shows everywhere – and you can see it undisturbed with the three prequels he made. The only place where the movies show some value is where he is not in complete control – the first movie, perhaps the second and a bit the third.

Star Wars was basically an anemic version of a video-game played by Connor in one of the game-parlors in the Terminator 2 movie. Star Wars was disappointing on every level.

So I grew up amazed by the horde of people enamored with the movie. They were seeing amazing things in what otherwise appeared as quite a bland story. Why?

Well, as a fan of the X-Files series I can tell you that “I want to believe” is an important part of the issue here. People feel empty, and they see something – and they cling to it. People do that when they are in great need or distress. I know I have done that when I watched for 19 times Notting Hill. In only one month. Then, these people, enamored with what they see there, create a following. And that’s fine, to each his own. I know I could spend days in a row reading about things that appear in the movies. For heck’s sake, they even made a huge story out of Boba Fett, a character that appears for something like 3 minutes?

This kind of energy is now invested by the same kind of people in games – in RPGs (and MMORPGs), where a ton of details are thrown over some characters to capture this kind of audience.

Basically, Star Wars is an un-interactive version of an RPG. And people made too much of it because they had little else to watch. I know that there are books following the movies. There are the clone wars and other sub-plots, tons of stories – and some of them are quite good from what I see from people’s ratings. But the movies are… well… old. And boring.

For me, Star Wars is for imagination like a Pif issue was in the communist era in Romania. You can start seeing a lot of wisdom in an issue of Pif, if it’s the only thing you’re allowed to read for 2-3 years. That’s why I’m pretty sure that the new Star Wars movie can be good – as long as it ignores all the Lucas diatribes and does something to stand on its own. But yes, there will always be someone to ruin it – the fans.

I liked a lot how Wil Wheaton played in the first Star Wars movies.

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  1. Mircea

    I might be living in a different world, ’cause I don’t give a s… about Star Wars.
    Hysteria? Hmm… not for me.
    You can do the same.

  2. perrkele

    Nu inteleg ce zici tu acolo, prea multe cuvinte intr-o limba ciudata, dar tu compari un film din ’92 cu unul din ’77?

  3. Dorin Lazăr

    Erm, nu toată lumea a comparat trilogia 1-2-3 cu “4-5-6”? Sau acolo e ok?

    Plus că fanii sunt ACUM. Vorbesc de oameni care în 2015 ziceau că primele SW sunt miezul din dodoașcă. Ori nu sunt.

  4. Z3Ro

    Yeah, but they considering themselves ST fans…(not that I am one)…All in all DS9 was the best star trek 🙂

  5. radu

    Its only a movie with to many useless details, I think the Back to the future trilogy is above Star wars. Also Alien series have good suspense. A movie that is boring first time you see it, its mediocre.

  6. fish

    imho, the issue is the following – for the time when a movie appears it’s crucial (as it’s setting standards for later, creates faz-zones, etc) . and from this perspective, it was significant at that moment (brought new visual effects, brought new ideas etc).
    as for example: SW 4/5 (6 was a needed end of the story), Aliens or whatever i’m too lazy to think for some other examples (i’ll quickly fallback on the Xfiles mentioned by you)
    afterwards – there is a huge (as in bold, italic, underlined font of 72px) army of the manipulation team outside there. waiting to feed into bored minds the feeling that they’d become great (or part of a grrrrreat community) by aquiring something, seen/reading etc (which at the end is a nice story narrated into a modern way).
    hence the new fan-zonism – and the trend/hype/hysterya. simple as that.

  7. Z3Ro

    Stop being so cynical, it`s fantasy. None of us loved it for being groundbreaking, but it was a part of the bounding with our parents, older brothers/friends, and it brings back those memories

  8. radu

    Ony the big companies benefit from this cult thing. Ea games made star wars battlefront and charges 110$ for it, just because there are fans stupid enough to endure this shit. Its just another shooter from many, but with star wars skin.

  9. Andreea

    Heh, long time no see, my friend. 🙂
    Glad to see (and read) that we’re on the same page regarding this masterpiece of absolute bullcrap. I will not go into exploring the whys, because boring covers most of it. All the Terminators, and the Aliens, and the Backs to the Future, and whatnot are way better than this idea that Lucas had when he was off his meds. Not to mention Star Trek, which is one of the best things out there.

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