The amazing tolerance of Becali

[starting with this post MAYBE I’ll write in English. Most of my readers know the language, and some of the readers of this blog are not native Romanians]

There was this recording of G. Becali which went around the Romanian interwebs: Some Tv anchor asked Becali about his opinion on the Lady Gaga concert. And below it’s what he said:

Stuff like ‘he spits on the Tv when he sees Lady Gaga’ or calls her ‘Lady Caca’ or he says that she’s Satan’s disciple and she will pay for her actions at the judgement.

And hearing his declarations I was in awe, thinking that this is the best that you can obtain from a Christian fundamentalist in Romania. And I was proud of my country. Why?

Well, he didn’t say that we should NOT go to the concert, but that we can choose to go or not to go. He says that he changes the channel when he sees her. He says that the devil works through people. He says that she will be judged, and people have Free Will to do what we want to do. All of which is normal stuff from our and his point of view as well.

Now, there is some nonsense he utters too. At least some people call it nonsense, why some people embrace it. That’s fine. He’s free to embrace any kind of nonsense he wants, as long as he leaves the rest of us to do whatever we want.

I will not appreciate more Mr. Becali’s character after this interview. Instead, I will say that this is the most that you can get from a fundamentalist Christian in a free country, and I say ‘hats off’ to this attitude.

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  1. Mircea

    ba pot, pe baza de liber arbitru… dar el se poate impotrivi si eu atunci nu o sa-l fortez. :-;

  2. Mircea

    asta ca zici tu… hehe, ne-am gasit noi acum sa dezbatem liberul arbitru 😉 de la Sf. Augustin incoa’ se chinuie omenirea…

  3. Eugen Andronic

    “some of the readers of this blog are not native Romanians” 🙂 si cum citeau pina acum, cu gugle translate? eu zic ca poti cistiga citiva cititori, dar o sa pierzi mult mai multi! apropos, vorbesti engleza si-n somn ? 😛

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