The humble music bundle

The pay-what-you-want guys from the strike again, this time with a music bundle that will caress your geek ears.

The first in alphabetical order is Christopher Tin, or the ‘Baba Yetu’ guy, the main theme of Civilization IV. His album, “Calling all dawns” is included here in full. The album itself is not a video-game soundtrack, but an interesting classical crossover concept album, built in three movements: day, night, dawn. The composition has depth; I really enjoyed the whole experience, and I recommend it.

Hitoshi Sakimoto contributed to this bundle with the best tracks from the score of Valkyria Chronicles, a classic game soundtrack; it has its surprises, and it’s really enjoyable.

Also, to the humble bundle, you will meet the nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot or Jonathan Coulton, of ‘Code Monkey’ fame. Also, there is the There might be giants’ “Album Raises New and Troubling Questions” and, if you pay more than the median contribution, you get a set of remixes of four OK Go songs, which sadly don’t play in foobar2000 (but they play well in VLC)

(The pitch black song is NOT included in the bundle. I just added it for the Zork reference)

All in all, the ‘pay what you want’ is always an appealing option 🙂 Try it (you can even change your bid at a later time).



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