The story of the Pacman Doodle

Raul just forwarded me this link, and for 75 minutes I was glued to the screen. In a fascinating presentation, two engineers from Google explain how the Pacman Doodle was created.

For me it was fascinating for many reasons.

  • I admire the presentation – I was really impressed by the way they prepared their presentation, how they ‘executed’ it, and how well it worked – even the glitches in the presentation seemed well integrated
  • I admire how those guys were able to do that with the tools at hand. HTML+CSS+JS are powerful tools but kind of raw, and you need lots of experience to actually harness that power.
  • I admire how fast they moved from the idea to the demo. It’s a lesson that is worth learning – getting from the idea to the demo very fast. This means many things – but first and foremost it means knowing your tools, and knowing how to make them ‘sing’ your tune.

And, oh my god, how lovely is the final outcome! Loved. Great presentation for great work 🙂