The three technological wars

From what I read, lately the news is not about about technological advancements; not about the new way of doing things, about faster, bigger, better – but in the last month, only two types of news hit the streets: „hackers do this and that” and „apple/microsoft/samsung/google/whoever owns god-knows-what patents”. But there is another unheard war that we should all be aware of, because sooner or later it will affect our lives and it will modify the way we see the Internet, for good.

But on with the two first wars, as they are very public and they replace what people would normally call ‘advancements in technology’.

The hackers: I talked about them in my previous post; of course, now it’s not LulzSec, it’s Anonymous. Police arrested some people, to which Anonymous pledged revenge, but am I the only one to see that Anonymous is not really the problem, but, as I said, the security of our servers is? If Anonymous is down, someone else will take its place, and that someone might not be so graceful about showing itself to the public like Anonymous does. Not that I agree with them, nor I like them, but seriously, guys, when you’re arresting the Anonymous guys you should also consider arresting the guys that made possible the penetration of the security systems that failed. The administrators, the security managers, and so on.

The patents: I said it before (and not only that time, text in Romanian) (and wrote a short story, in Romanian as well) that there is no obvious reason to why the software patents are such a good thing. In fact, now they patent the most stupid ideas on how to hold the phone and how to ‘pour’ data from one device to another (yeah, this is the latest Apple shenanigan, and there’s a patent for that). So, listen, they patent how you hold your phone. Isn’t that stupid?!?!?! No, it’s genius. And it’s leading to one of the least fecund months of the year when it comes to technological advancements.

Now whenever I write some piece of code, or when I have an idea on how to make my software better, I have to go and talk to my lawyers. And what happened to Microsoft? I thought they came back to their senses, but now they are acting like the guys that were robbing me of my money in the backyard of the school – now extorting 15$ out of every Android device that Samsung sells? Isn’t it called stealing when you take money that you didn’t work for?

And now, the third war. About this one you won’t read much, and that’s because the stakes are too high, and nobody really wants people to be informed in this matter. It’s about the fact that the internet is too free, and it should not be anymore – people that are free, and can communicate and express themselves freely cannot be manipulated like they are now, are they? Even Tv is better – because Tv is unidirectional, and you tell people what to think, you don’t let them express themselves.

And this time, the technology firms are trying to be on the right side. Are trying, but not too hard, because, you see, because filtering and censorship requires huge amounts of technology, and that’s what they sell. And oh, boy, we, the individuals, are screwed. This, perhaps, is why we should all join Anonymous now. Just to make sure that we can survive when the censorship comes.

It comes with good intentions. In Romania, it comes for the protection of people, for their safety, and that’s how it’s presented in other countries as well, especially in France (the french really have that je ne sait quoi that makes me puke).

So really. Do you see any way in which rogue groups like Anonymous don’t get full public support? Sometimes, they look like the Robin Hood of our times. 🙁

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