Why Linux sucks, 2012 aD

Because 2014 will be the Linux Desktop year, let’s remember why Linux sucked so much in the year 2012. Now it’s 2013, and it still sucks, but a bit less because of Steam for Linux (which really works). Presenter is Bryan Lunduke, his points are quite smart. Worth watching

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  1. Vlad

    Desktop Linux sucks (or sucks less in 2014).

    Server Linux, Embedded Linux (including, but not limited to, Androids, Raspberry Pi’s, etc) rocks, IMNSHO

  2. Dorin Lazăr

    You’re in sync with Bryan Lunduke here. Server Linux, Embedded Linux won their respective races, But Desktop Linux is still clumsy. It’s slow, bloated, it lacks useful applications. In gaming, we have to thank Valve for actually investing real resources in moving to Linux (a sound business decision for them, as well as an amazing business decision for us the users).
    But the packaging wars or the Desktop Environment wars are as useful as the ‘best editor’ wars. And this is why we’ll see that 2014 will be the famous Linux Desktop Year. 😀

  3. Vlad Petric

    Stopped watching half way thourgh, not because it’s not good, but because I’m both busy and painfully agreeing with him.

    My prediction: I don’t think that any of the distros will make it big on the desktop as such. Rather, chromeos, android, valvebox (whatever it’s called) will have much more market share than the rest. The reason is that they each have an “enforcer”. You can’t have a good desktop without an enforcer, IMO.

  4. Dorin Lazăr

    100% agreed. Variety kills the Linux Desktop; and there’s no solid desktop solution. This is why RedHat chose to make Fedora a side-project rather than the #1 priority.

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