World of Warcraft Infographic 2014

Blizzard has released the first official infographic in the vain hope of ressurecting Azeroth, the original virtual World of Warcraft. There is still a user base of 7.5 million people paying around 15$/month, which is a lot of money. But, let’s face it, if you want to sink in an MMO, there are plenty of Free to play or pay-once universes that work just fine. 

I don’t really like WoW; I tried it, as well as the Korean copy-cat, GuildWars 2, one of the biggest disappointments of 2012. I just can’t adapt to the online universes that don’t really show support for single player. And my idea of multiplayer means playing with someone else, in teams of two, an extended single-player, really, which is why I find stuff like Borderlands or World Of Tanks a lot better. Nonetheless, I find the numbers from the WoW infographic quite interesting, even if they count dead accounts and unused toons. The source is Blizzard’s website.


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  1. Raul

    GW2 is not Korean at all – it didn’t even launch yet in Korea 🙂 They’re working on it. And to add most people complain that GW2 is too much single player – no raids, max party size of 5, etc. So… you’re picking on it for the wrong reasons, not that you shouldn’t pick on it 😀

    On the other hand, I found WoW impossible to play. One does not simply play WoW, one takes up a job to mine and gear and farm and who knows what else. All for the monthly income of -$15 per month. Really bad paid job, I know – should be illegal, I thought there is a positive min wage 😀

  2. Dorin Lazăr

    GW2 is supported, in the end, by NCSOFT, a Korean company. Certainly, ArenaNet is American, but I like a lot more to pick on the mother company.

    GW2 is fun in the starting areas and a complete bore and impossible to beat on higher level areas. I went back in the game a few times, and found all areas empty and every monster next to unbeatable. which is fun and all, but there’s no point in really fighting all those things. I really care more about the things I complain about, not the things that others complain about. As a fan of the original GW, I find GW2 unplayable after a while.

    :)))) I found WoW equally impossible to play (or even more so); I even went on to try the ‘first 20 levels free’ offer, and I really really got bored somewhere around level 5 or 10. But the numbers are interesting, and they tell a nice story and are worth checking out.

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