Youtube’s “Choose your View” is a nice yet (still) flawed feature

YouTube pushed a very nice feature these days. It’s called “Choose your view”, and you can select from the four cameras that filmed the concert of Madilyn Bailey, a YouTube star. You can see the feature at work on her channel.

The feature is kind of cool, and it’s one of those things that exist since the beginning of streaming but were never used at large because the bandwidth is expensive. And the YouTube version is done wrong, probably a patchwork of downloading four different streams plagued by the inability of jumping to the exact position when switching between them.

Here’s the story: Google made a self-driving car but is unable to synchronize four streams with the same audio. And it’s not probably from lack of trying; it’s simply too hard to do that, and most likely their video format doesn’t help them in this direction either.

And, sadly, it’s a useless feature. After cutting the editor and the director’s vision parts, what’s next? “You know, we have no show for you, but you can chip in with your voice and dancing talents at any moment”.

And one more thing. I do understand why they chose Madilyn; she has a sweet voice and it’s nice and all. However, the worst part about this technological jump is that idiot yelling for 70 seconds at the start of the clip. YouTube, what’s wrong with you?